If you want to be free
you must find
the courage to step
outside of houses
built by others.

Light a match
with those authentic
words that tickle
your throat with
their fearful blaze.

then burn those
false boxes to the ground,
see how they crumble
beneath your wildfires
of truth.

Let their ashes
be your Phoenix,
reforming itself
in your pyre,
rising deftly from
the flames.

Learn how to use
your capable wings,
and do not be afraid
to fly brave into
the night and seek
new ground.

Rebuild your home
with heart and grit
and the labor of self,
whose foundation runs
so deep, the bricks do
laugh inside of you.

Now see how
the winds come
and the tides change
and the earth shifts,
yet still you stand
unscathed and strong.

This is the temple
of Love,
You built for you.
Be blessed and live
where your purest
light resides.