there are so many
different holes
to fall into,
so many rabbits
to chase,
so many ways
to get yourself
lost in this world

meanwhile time
keeps turning it’s
clock on around
as season after
season one sky
quickly fades to
the next

and you begin
to wonder why
you are not doing
all those things
you best love
and feel called
to do with your
one dear life

it can be a straight
and narrow path,
this journey of self,
trying to keep
one’s steps in
alignment with the
truths written on
one’s heart

the trick is to first
of all remember
who you are,
a queen or king
dressed in peasant’s
garb here to reclaim
your rightful seat
on the throne of
grace and love

then once you
to never forget
just what and why
you are about

and then-
this will be
the hardest and
the easiest
thing you will
ever do-

to be yourself

and go out
into the world
and live it