I am sitting near a sun beam on a patio in Kauai watching one of the many local island roosters wander by. He’s crowing for all he’s worth as I contemplate the intentions I’d like to set for the upcoming year.

All in all, it’s not a bad way to spend one’s Saturday morning.

I’m sure the rooster agrees.

The nice thing about a tropical island holiday is, it does give one time to sift and sort through the debris of the past year. I have a reflective nature so I am given to bouts of sorting anyways, but how much better to do it when sand and sea are involved.

Last year I sat on this same island watching the tides go in and out, breathing in pink clouds and a gold breeze, deciding 2013 was going to be The Year of the Peaceful Heart.

I felt I needed it since the falling tower effects of 2011’s Year of Authenticity were still rippling and there hadn’t quite been enough time during 2012’s Year of Joy to get my foundation entirely firm, though I did find a lot of happy, colorful blocks with which to build.

Let this be a quiet year, I thought. One that ushers in calm after so many storms. I will take stillness in my land and fly the white flag of peace, doves, and olive branches high. You may keep your quarrelsome troubles careless world, we declare this a strife free zone.

May I refer you to my Thanksgiving post entitled Best Laid Plans for more information on how this went.

Suffice it to say, my expectations for a quiet year were not met, though I learned much about finding peace during unrest. And I am leaving Year 2013 with life’s lesson tucked safely in my heart: It is very easy to find peace during times of peace, but it is another thing all together to plumb the depths of your internal garden and find peace when Life has other plans. And one’s ability to make peace with oneself during great unease is really the true mark of a peaceful heart.

Though the year did not go quite according to plan, I suspect this is what Life had in mind all along when She placed this intention on my heart. Always a few steps ahead of me, She is, knowing the year would bring unexpected challenges. Wanting me to learn how to find my center of quiet and calm regardless.

And now I am sitting here almost one year later, island coffee cooling beside me, rooster friend continuing his cocky strut, my heart listening carefully to itself to try and best choose my intention for 2014.

The Year of Simplicity?

That sounds too…well simple. And like I will end up having to budget, clean out my closet, and cook more meals at home. And what fun is that?

The Year of Balance?

That sounds very… practical. And stable. And kind of boring. Truth be told I think my entire life is about trying to find balance between the material world I occupy and the land of stars and castles of clouds I see in my mind. I’m not sure I want to waste this years intention on something I suspect will be part of my life’s work.

The Year of Play?

I like the idea, because it certainly sounds quite fun, but it’s not ringing any chords deep within my heart which say there are lessons to be learned here. Probably because anyone who owns finger puppets and a care bear collection is pretty good at playing already. Plus I’ve got Kintsugi Pup as a daily reminder to practice the fine art of play.


Imagination? Love? Beauty? Healing? Contentment? Truth?

I take my intentions very seriously you see, since they always map the landscape of my year. Just like be careful what you wish for I would also say be careful what you intention, as you just might get it. And I am finding that trying to make an intention choice is a bit like playing “Are You My Mother?” with 2014.

The good news is that I have a few days left to get this figured out before 2014 makes her grand entrance, and I trust I will come up with just the right words to steer my heart in the right direction. Also, I’m on an island. One with oceans and beaches and greenery and roosters. That too is very good news.

The warm tidings of the sun are fully out, the sky had chosen aqua to wrap around itself this morning, boasting its expansive cerulean accomplishments for all the island to see, and the friendly neighborhood rooster is proudly singing in the background.

Yes, I should think good news indeed.

He agrees.