I climbed a mountain today
whispering to her
with my every step.

Of secrets waiting in wild places
The freedom beating
in untamed terrain
The beguiling mysteries hidden
behind the clouds, coaxing,
Come find me.

Of the radiance revealed
when bright sun smiles.
The tangled wisdom of deep earth.
The landscaped labyrinth
serving to remind:
You will never have her entirely figured out

Of the beauty found in
rocky scars, vigilant trees
loyal roots and punctuated wildflowers, exclaiming-
Life will always grow.

Of her absolute wholeness
that remains standing
despite any element.
Her ability to entertain
many suitors yet exist
unbound to none but she.
Her permission to be
nothing more or less
than who she is.

I climbed a mountain today as I thought about a yesterday
when I climbed this mountain.

Untrained to her whispers my heart could not hear.
Uninitiated to her secrets my restless feet were forever climbing.
Unaware of her true nature my heart did not realize-
I thought I knew who I was,
but was about to discover
I knew very little.

For the mountain I stepped on
to find myself was containing
the secrets of me,
I was not yet ready to carry.

I climbed a mountain today as I remembered
yesterday’s younger, unknowing steps
I thanked her for bearing at the time,
the load I could not.

Today I carried the full of me,
my initiated steps in dance with the mountain

-as her secret rains baptized me and her sacred land
embraced me as daughter
I heard her whisper,

Welcome Home.